Montreal Photographer | Kyle Benjamin Turner
Montreal Photographer | Kyle Benjamin Turner


A full advertising service that includes content creation, ad set-up, and ad-optimization.

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I use professional photography to capture your products or service creatively.


I use professional videography to showcase your product or service in its best light.


I use paid advertising to quickly increase your sales and brand awareness on channels such as Facebook and Instagram.




Watch the video below to get a better understanding of the advertising service.

My Strategy

Here are the 3 steps I use to increase your profits.

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Sales & Upsells

When I first start running advertisements for businesses I focus on one thing. Sales. Sales is the most important part of business and for you to get a positive ROI, I must increase your sales.

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Brand Awareness

If you're thinking about building a brand you're not only going to want to increase your sales, you're going to want to increase your popularity as well. To increase your popularity I run not only paid ads but I post consistently on your social media pages to keep customers up-to-date with your business.

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Retargeting Customers

After completing the sales and brand awareness process we're going to want to re-sell to your current customers. There are two ways to do this; reselling to people who saw the initial ad, or running email campaigns for customers to claim offers.


Where will I place your advertisements to get you the highest return on investment?

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Facebook Ads

Facebook has one of the best targeting platforms of all social medias. Over 2 billiion people us Facebook monthly, by using their platform we can target specific details like careers, interests, demographics, etc...

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Instagram Ads

Instagram is the best platform for visuals. When advertising on Instagram we have the same targeting option as Facebook with the ability to get a little more creative with the visuals.

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Email Marketing

One of the best places to market since the beginning of online marketing is in the inbox. By advertising on other platforms and acquiring emails of your prospective clients we can make you a killing with a good email campaign.

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Snapchat Ads

If your main target market is milenials, this is truly where it's at. We use Snapchat to promote your brand in extremely creative ways, creting massive brand awareness with the youngsters and increasing sales.

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Twitter Ads

We use twitter to target people with visuals and with words. If we run advertisements on the back-end of Twitter, we can target people based on interests, behaviors, and who they're following. If done properly, we can easily steal your competitions crowd.

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Pinterest Ads

Pinterest is the perfect place to run paid advertisements if you're looking to target women and millennials. By using Pinterest we can hit key demographics who are looking to buy products and services similar to yours.

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Google Ads

Google ads are perfect if you're looking into dominating your market. Whether your local or 100% online, Google being the world's leading search engine, will put you in the faces of the exact people who are searching for your product or  your service.

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YouTube Ads

YouTube ads are a great place to start if you're looking to gain massive brand awareness or if you're looking to gain an interest from your niche. YouTube being the second largest search engine on the planet is the exact place you'll be wanting to put your brand awareness videos.

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Tumbr Ads

Tumblr ads are very specific because you're targeting mostly bloggers, interestingly enough by targeting bloggers you have the capability of targeting niches who are goo-goo over your industry.

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LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is the perfect place for us to target professionals. If you're looking to sell B2B services or B2C professional based products, this is a place where we can really get tactical.

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Spotify Ads

Not a lot of people know, but Spotify is becoming a major advertising platform. Think radio for millenials. By using Spotify ads we can target all types of demographics based on what they listen to, creating massive brand awareness.

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Yelp & Google Marketing

Lastly, we'll make sure that your business is looking premium and up-to-date on all your Yelp and Google My Business pages. This is important because people who search for your local brand will want to see high-quality photography, videos, and even advertisements to get them into your store.

Need a Strategy?

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Do you need a strategy to get you started? Hit the button below and I'll make sure to send you a step-by-step guide on exactly how you can improve your marketing online so you can increase sales starting today.

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