Montreal Photographer | Kyle Benjamin Turner
Montreal Photographer | Kyle Benjamin Turner

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s my pricing?

I do not have an hourly rate - if you would like to see my packages go to my photography or videography page

Want a price for a unique project? Click here to discuss the details

Where will we shoot?

We will shoot in a location with natural light - if this is not an option I will bring a flash

What outfit should you wear?

Wear an outfit that is minimal - minimal colors and not too many patterns if possible

Can I do retouching?

I do minimal retouching - I do not do high-end skin retouching but I will get rid of blemishes, scars, etc

My agreement says I own the copyright. Why?

I own the copyright so photos will not be resold or liscensed without my permission - if you would like a liscence please let me know before our shoot together

How can you pay?

I accept cash, credit and eTransfer - I do not accept PayPal

A 50% deposit must be paid before the shoot according to the agreement I will send you when we discuss details

Where Do I Work?

I’m based in Montreal but I work internationally

Here is the address of the co-working space: 3 Place Ville Marie Suite 400, Montreal, QC H3B 2E3

How can you speak to me?

Click the button below and I’ll email you within 24 hours